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Emergency Mitigation Services industrial hygienists help companies identify, evaluate, and monitor environmental and occupational health hazards. The professional team provides knowledge evaluation and monitoring of hazardous chemicals, public health and safety consultancy, regulatory enforcement, and extensive industrial hygiene consultancy. Whether indoor air quality, biological or environmental hazards, noise, or other health risks in the workplace, we provide professional assistance to manage pollutants and hazards at an affordable cost. Emergency Mitigation Services's accredited and licensed practitioners combine expertise, experience, ingenuity, and sound practical judgment to help protect and improve the health and safety of working and community citizens. 

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Industrial Hygienist in Tucker, GA, 30084, DeKalb County (7405)

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The Industrial Hygiene Process Tucker, GA

Ready to hire an Industrial Hygienist? Let's walk through the process so that you know what to expect. First, let me say that they do not necessarily have to be local. Many Hygentist is used to traveling a fair distance for clients. Finding someone you are most comfortable with may mean going outside of your local area. Next, be ready to answer a large number of questions. Background information gathering is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the process and will assist the hygienist in better knowing how to help you. During the initial phone call, the hygienist will want to set up a time next to meet you onsite, where they will have a second set of questions most likely. Some will inspect the property first and then ask the questions; others will ask the questions and then start the site inspection.  

While all inspections will look a tad different from this point on depending on the purpose of the investigation, next will begin the testing process where actual samples are taken from the space. Building diagnostics will accompany the samples and be taken with a variety of equipment from moisture meters to thermal imaging cameras. Photo documentation may also be collected as well as specific notes about areas of concern. With all information gathered, the samples and a Chain of Custody will now be mailed overnight to a third party accredited lab for interpretation. It will usually take 1 to multiple days for data to come back, however, sit tight as no reports can be written until results are in. 

As soon as your Industrial Hygentist receives the information from the labs, they will most likely give contact you to review the results with you even before writing a report. An in-depth report will then be written, combining all information gathered. In the end, you will have a guide to what issues were noted, what the potential health effects of the hazards are, and what steps need to follow to eliminate the potential problems discovered. Working with your Industrial Hygentist will be a lengthy process; however, the more involved you are from the start, the better your outcome will be.

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We work and live in Tucker and the surrounding area, and we could be your neighbors. Emergency Mitigation Services is ready to assist you with your Industrial Hygiene needs. We offer Industrial Hygiene consultations with, and we are fully insured, licensed, and certified with an excellent customer support department here to serve you.

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